Craft Giardiniera

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Craft Giardiniera & Seasoning

Pick 6 Save 6

Did you ever want to try the complete line-up of our Craft Giardiniera and Seasonings? Or did you want to mix and match so you get the exact combo of your most favorite flavors? Well with our Pick 6 Save $6 you can do exactly that and customize your personal rainbow of Mauro Provisions flavor at a discounted price.


Mauro Provisions’ Craft Giardiniera – Hot – 16 oz
You want it spicy, then you’ll love our Hot. Our highest spice level will take you on a spicy journey that will pack a punch to whatever you spoon it on. Equal parts insane flavor and formidable yet super fun HEAT!

Mauro Provisions’ Craft Giardiniera – Medium – 16 oz
If it’s a manageable level of addictive spice you crave, our Medium Craft Giardiniera is the perfect balance of addictive heat, fantastic flavor & tantalizing texture. The spice-level may be in the middle, but the flavor is out of this world.

Mauro Provisions’ Craft Giardiniera – Mild – 16 oz
The perfect condiment for those who don’t do spicy, but still want all that intensely delicious flavor. You can cook with it, sauté with it and serve it to the kiddos. It's a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of G without blowing their top off!

Mauro Provisions’ Honey G Pepper Relish – 8 oz
The first pepper product of its kind! We start with our famous Medium Craft Giardiniera which we finely chop and mix with premium Grade A Honey. The result is a sweet and spicy scoop-able and spreadable relish that’s addictively sweet.

Mauro Provisions’ Craft Seasoning - Black Powder Rub - 7 oz
This magical combination of spices, salts and seeds will give your steaks, chops, roasts & veggies a char-crust so flavorful, so addictive, and so texturally enticing, you’ll never use boring ol’ salt and pepper ever again. Transform everything you grill, sear, roast and smoke into steakhouse-caliber grub.

Mauro Provisions’ Craft Seasoning - Mauro Provisions’ BBQ Chip Dust - 7 oz
This rub tastes exactly like the last remaining crumbs at the bottom of a bag of BBQ potato chips. You know, the stuff you dump directly into your mouth? THIS rub is THAT dust, in a bottle, for you for you to bring that finger-licking level to anything and everything.

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