PRIME Italian Beef Kit

Mauro Provision’s PRIME Italian Beef Kit

2 pounds USDA Prime Italian Beef & 2 pounds beef au jus (just heat & serve!)

We start with midwest-raised, antibiotic/hormone-free, hand-butchered USDA Prime Chuck Roll, which we roll in Jeff’s family blend of garlic, spices & herbs. We then slow cook it for hours until ridiculously tender.  We then thinly shave it so when it hits the au jus or “gravy” it literally melts in your mouth. Comes ready to heat and serve!


The best Italian sausage in the world, made by the original sausage kings of Chicago; the Bomprezzi Family, who have been making fresh Italian sausage for 3 generations and supplying sausage to all the great beef stands and restaurants in the Chicagoland area. This is a custom blend created by Jeff that is laden with spices, garlic, fennel and tons of luxurious pork fat. Char and throw on a roll with plenty of peppers.


The same wonderful sausage as above but in a mild variety. Still packed with the same robust fennely flavor yet a bit tamer. Jeff likes to dunk his hot sausage into the mild sausage, so he always has both available!

(1) Jar of Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera (Medium)

Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera – Medium – 16 oz Glass Jar.
A  rainbow cornucopia of fermented and pickled peppers & veggies packed in luscious oil that  Flavor and texture for days with a manageable level of addictive spice.

(8) Legendary Turano French Rolls

Turano French Rolls are a classic roll that are hand-rolled with care, baked with steam to create crisp, golden brown crusts and dusted with flour that’s perfect for all the favorites like meatball subs & Italian beef! 

PRIME Italian Beef Kit

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