Mauro Provisions' Craft Giardiniera


Mild  Medium Hot Honey G

If you’re like me—born and raised in Chicago—you know giardiniera. The Italian condiment full of spicy pickled peppers packed in luxurious oil. You grew up on it. It’s a staple in your fridge, right next to the ketchup and mustard. My family, we put it on everything. Pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, steaks, sausage… anything. What can I say? I’ve got hot peppers and oil in my veins. That’s why I’ve partnered with The E. Formella Family—fourth generation giardiniera pioneers—to make a giardiniera meant to go beyond the borders of Chicago. Introducing…

Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera: made in the giardiniera capital of the world by a Chicagoan who was born to make it. It’s a colorful cornucopia of peppers and vegetables that are perfectly pickled, finely fermented and superbly spiced. The only giardiniera to include red jalapenos, green serranos, and yellow banana peppers. With this Medium blend, you’ll find the perfect balance of addictive heat, fantastic flavor & tantalizing texture. Just ONE spoonful adds buckets of flavor and crunch to almost anything you eat…

Two, three, sixspoonfuls?…Forgetaboutit. —JeffMauro


Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera – Mild – 16 oz Glass Jar

All the zippy flavor and crunch with mild spice


Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera – Medium – 16 oz Glass Jar

Flavor and texture for days with a manageable level of addictive spice. 


Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera – Hot – 16 oz Glass Jar

Equal parts insane flavor and formidable yet super fun HEAT!


Mauro Provisions Craft Giardiniera – Honey G – 16 oz Glass Jar

We take our famous medium heat craft Giardiniera and add a kiss of honey & a touch of agave.

Mauro Provisions' Craft Giardiniera


Mild  Medium Hot Honey G

Takes 3-5 business days to arrive and there is no guarantee the box will arrive before Father’s Day.

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