Mauro Provisions’ Brand Apparel

Our butter-soft shirts and hats are built to last by fourth generation family-run, Chicago-based clothing brand American Needle / Red Jacket.

Mauro Provisions T-Shirt

Show your love of all things Mauro Provisions with this limited edition, 100% cotton short sleeve crew T. It’s so darn soft and fits so darn fine you’ll never wear another t-shirt again (besides our other t-shirts of course)

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Jar-Din-Air-Ah T-Shirt

Display your pride and passion for Giardiniera! We too get sick of everyone mispronouncing this legendary condiment, so we decided to phonetically spell it out for those who need a little Chicago-Style lesson.  The long lasting, ultra-high quality colorful screen print on the back is Jeff’s original “deconstructed giardiniera” artwork.  All printed on sensationally soft, long-lasting 100% cotton

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Giardiniera Hat

Jeff’s original deconstructed giardiniera artwork on a custom embroidered patch grace the front of this fashionable lid. Show your love for the giardiniera with a hat that looks great with either a 3-piece suit or swim trunks.

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Mauro Provisions Round Patch Hat

This colorful raglan-washed slouch hat is perfect for a night on the line or an afternoon stroll with the pups to the local deli.  The striking embroidered patch will have all the boys in the yard jelly of your cool new dome piece.  Easily adjustable with a brass backstrap

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Mauro Provisions Embroidered Hat

Orange and black is the new macaroni and cheese.  This one-size-fits all slouch hat comes with a sweet embroidered Mauro Provisions logo on the front, matching custom sew-in label and a fully adjustable brass backstrap. You wear this hat; you feel the power instantly.

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Mauro Provisions Wool Embroidered Hat

This hat just feels so good on your head. Front logo is embroidered with a matching hat button on the top that just screams “I love my head!”

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